Monday, January 30, 2012

I Live for Love (1935).

I Live for Love (1935). Director: Busby Berkeley. Cast: Dolores del Rio, Everett Marshall, Guy Kibbee and Allen Jenkins.

When, Actress Donna Alvarez insists that her lover Rico Desaro, be cast in her new show. Producer Howard Fabian, lies and tells her they have already hired singer, Roger Kerry to star opposite her. Donna, makes his life so miserable he quits and goes back to singing on the street. While performing, he is discovered by George Henderson, who hires him to sing on his radio show.

Right before, Donna's new show opens, she is asked to perform with Roger on his radio show. When she learns that Roger is the man, who almost landed Rico Desaro's part in her show, she walks out.

Roger, decides to show up at her opening night and later at the nightclub, he gives Donna flowers and his publicist, makes sure photographers are there to take pictures. After Donna's play is a flop, Henderson asks her to do the radio show with Roger.

Henderson and Fabian, come up with a publicity stunt, to have a romance between Donna and Roger. Donna and Roger, decide to really get married, Fabian and Henderson realize they will lose their meal ticket. They send for Rico to stop the wedding. Roger and Donna are in a heated argument about their future, when Rico shows up and Donna agrees to marry Rico just to spite Roger. Will she be able to go through with it?.

I really wanted to see this film because, I'm a huge fan of director Busby Berkeley and actress Dolores del Rio. It is really hard to believe that Busby Berkeley had anything to do with this movie, which has no real dance numbers.

Dolores del Río (August 3, 1905 – April 11, 1983).  She came from an aristocratic family during the Mexican revolution of 1916, the family lost everything they had and emigrated to Mexico City, where Dolores became a socialite. In 1921 she married Jaime Martínez Del Río, a wealthy Mexican and the couple moved to Hollywood where she became an actress and he as a screenwriter. They were divorced after Dolores made her first film, Joanna (1925). After a number of forgettable films, she married Cedric Gibbons, the well-known art director and production designer at MGM studios. Dolores returned to Mexico in 1942, after Hollywood career was over and a romance with Orson Welles, caused her second divorce. Mexican director Emilio Fernández offered her the lead in his film, Flor silvestre (1943), where Dolores Del Río became the most famous movie star in her country. Her association with Fernández', was responsible for creating what has been called the Golden Era of Mexican Cinema. With films, María Candelaria(1944), The Abandoned (1945) and Bugambilia (1945).


AFreeSoul said...

I am a huge fan of Busby (and Dolores del Rio) as well and an looking forward to seeing a non-Precode version of his work :)

Roberto Acuña said...

Hola, tengo la película. Mi correo es:

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