Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Loves of Carmen(1927)

THE LOVES OF CARMEN(1927). Director: Raoul Walsh. Cast: Dolores Del Rio and Victor McLaglen in a story based on Prosper Merimee's classic story, "Carmen,".

Carmen, is a gypsy girl working in a cigar factory who is loved by Lieutenant Don Jose. Carmen does everything she can to attract Escamillo, a famous matador attention, which ends up with him picking her up and throwing her into a puddle of water. Carmen gets into an argument with one of her female co-workers followed by a physical fight with another after being called "an angel from the gutter." Carmen, ends up in jail for disturbing the peace. Carmen's sentence is cut short as Don Jose helps Carmen escape. For this he is placed on guard duty as punishment by his superior officer, Morales. He later faces a court martial for deserting his post to be alone with Carmen. The two men duel it out with swords, with the commander being killed. Soon after, Don hides in the mountains, in the gypsy camp with Carmen. As Carmen becomes bored with Don, she sneaks away to watch Escamillo in the bullring. This time she becomes his mistress while Don Jose, a disgrace to his regiment, goes into a jealous rage.

Dolores Del Rio, is wonderful in her performance as Carmen, as does Don Alvarado. The sets and costumes capture the mood and period.

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