Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dolores Del Rio- Biography.

Dolores Del Rio, was a regular guest at Hollywood parties where she met director Edwin Carewe, who thought she wold be perfect in his new film, Joanna (1925). Stardom soon followed, with Del Rio reaching top billing in major silent movies, including What Price Glory? (1927) and The Loves of Carmen (1927). Since Del Rio spoke fluent English, the transition over to sound was no problem for her, though her Hispanic accent did limit her roles. She was cast on her beauty first, talent second. She was wonderful in the film Bird of Paradise(1932) and Madame Du Barry (1934). After her breakup of her second marriage to art director Cedric Gibbons, Del Rio became the most eligible girl in Hollywood. One of her suitors was Orson Welles, ten years her junior, who cast her in his 1942 RKO production Journey Into Fear. In 1943, Del Rio returned to Mexico to star in films, negotiating a "percentage of profits" deal. Del Rio returned occasionally to Hollywood, to perform in a couple of John Fords movies. She maintained her looks through a self-invented diet and exercise program. Even as late as 1960, she looked too young to play Elvis Presley's mother in Flaming Star. Del Rio retired from film making in 1978 to enjoy her lifelong hobbies of writing and painting.